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We create opportunities for young people and their communities through skills training, work experience and essential community building projects in Zambia.


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We believe in an Africa in which everyone has the opportunity to work and thrive.

To help bring this about, we create opportunities for young people and their communities through skills training, work experience and community building projects. To date we have:

Trained 480 young local men and women


We train young men and women in construction to give them the skills they need to earn a living and provide for their families.

Completed 37 Community Projects


We build schools and clinics to improve access to education and healthcare, helping communities to lead longer, healthier, more productive lives.

Built brighter futures for 240,000


The new facilities become the heart of the community, lifting whole communities and helping everyone to thrive.


“What Build It does has an impact far beyond the new building. It’s like a ripple effect. Marvellous!”

Malcolm Burne, Build It Supporter.

Over the next five years we want to transform the lives of a further 200,000 people and lead the way in providing and improving building skills training in Zambia and beyond.

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Centre for Excellence

We are building a Centre for Excellence in Zambia to deliver and promote construction skills training, small business development and sustainable building techniques.

Constructed just north of Lusaka, the Centre will be unique. As well as acting as a training centre to give young unemployed people the skills they need to get a job and work their way out of poverty, it will provide space for Build It to collaborate with other NGOs, statutory bodies and the private sector. These partnerships will improve skills training across the wider construction sector.

When complete the Centre will offer:


Training places for 1,000 disadvantaged young men and women each year


A resource centre to support the development of construction sector SMEs


A hi-tech conference and learning space


Offices, guest accommodation and demonstration housing

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“This is a bold vision. Build It’s main area of expertise is focusing on building skills training and I can see how the centre could become a recognised campus for building skills.”

Clive Bailey, Austin Bailey Foundation.


Training into Work Programme

To date we have provided building skills training, work experience and career support to 480 young unemployed men and woman. Over 80% of them are now employed and able to provide for their families.

Basic Building Skills Training

vocational skills training

Unemployed young men and women receive high quality building skills and life skills training from Build It’s experienced trainers. Trainees then sit their trades test, a nationally recognised qualification.

Work Experience


Trainees get practical, real-world work experience either on a Community Building Project, on a Partner NGO’s project or on a commercial construction project, with one of our Affiliate Contractors.

Career Development Programme


We continue to support our graduates through a programme of activities that includes additional building skills training, business skills and career support.

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“The BGL Group chose to partner with Build It International as its practical, sustainable approach fits perfectly with our strategy to invest in specific, tangible projects that deliver lifetime results.”

Caroline Raines, Senior Manager, Group Communications, BGL Group Ltd

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Community Schools Programme

Each year we work with three or four communities on a school project. Communities are transformed by having access to new high quality school facilities; classroom blocks, teacher’s housing and sanitation. The new buildings attract government support, providing pupils with a better education. At each project we train 20 people in building skills who typically build the following:

Classroom Block


The heart of a community project is a new two or three classroom block with an office and a strong room. The strong room allows the school to become a registered exam centre in the future, without this, the pupils would have to walk to the nearest exam centre to take their exams.

Teachers’ Housing


Providing teachers’ housing at a project allows the Ministry of Education to allocate qualified teachers to move to the community and teach at the school. This provides pupils with a better quality education.

Sanitation facilities


Building latrine blocks with separate cubicles for girls, a boys’ urinal and hand-washing facilities improves pupil health and well-being and encourages more girls to remain in school. At projects without clean water, we drill a borehole and install a water pump.

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Andrew Sentance

“As a trustee, I know that Build It is a professionally run charity that is focused on making a tangible impact. Build It make a big difference to the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.”

Andrew Sentance, Senior Economic Adviser to PwC, former member of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee and Build It Trustee and supporter