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Organisational Strategy, 2017-2021

To meet the need of over 300,000 vocational school places in Zambia, we are scaling up our response to transform the lives of at least 200,000 people and lead the way in providing and improving building skills training in Zambia and beyond.


Our new Centre For Excellence will be central to achieving our objectives:

Support at least 2000 men and women through our training into work programme.

Deliver 20+ community-led building projects.

Share our experience to improve training skills beyond our programme.

Extend our reach to at least one other country beyond Zambia.

Promote the uptake of appropriate sustainable building design and materials.

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Meet our Staff

Our dedicated and professional staff and experienced and qualified board members work tirelessly to deliver our life changing projects that are making a long-lasting difference.

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Our Annual Review

If you would like to know more about our work please take a look at our 2015/16 Annual Review.

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2015/16 was a milestone year for Build It and was full of highlights.

We completed our 34th project since Build It began and we had promising results from our latest survey of trainees and graduates, finding that their incomes have trebled!

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You can be confident that we seek good value for money in everything we do.

Finance expenditure

Spending your money wisely

  • We manage and monitor all our projects directly through our team in Zambia.
  • We tightly control expenditure against budgets.
  • We never pay bribes.
  • We undetake external audits.

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“Build It is an ambitious, fast growing charity making a huge impact in Zambia. With your help we can make an even bigger, lasting difference to the lives of thousands in Zambia.”

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Andrew Jowett, CEO

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