Training into Work

Training into Work Programme

To date we have provided building skills training, work experience and career support to 480 young unemployed men and woman. Over 80% of them are now employed and able to provide for their families.

Basic Building Skills Training

vocational skills training

Unemployed young men and women receive high quality building skills and life skills training from Build It’s experienced trainers. Trainees then sit their trades test, a nationally recognised qualification.

Work Experience


Trainees get practical, real-world work experience either on a Community Building Project, on a Partner NGO’s project or on a commercial construction project, with one of our Affiliate Contractors.

Career Development


We continue to support our graduates through a programme of activities that includes additional building skills training, business skills and career support.


Basic Building Skills Training

This supports unemployed young men and women, who have no qualifications or opportunities for employment, to gain the skills they need to earn a living and provide for their families.

Building Skills Training


This is our core technical skills training programme. We deliver this either at the Centre for Excellence, or on site at a Community Building Project. It includes setting out, foundations, concrete work, bricklaying, plastering and fixing.

Life Skills Training


This provides trainees with the personal skills they will need to enter and progress in the world of work. It covers: self-esteem and motivation, literacy, decision making, interpersonal communication and more.

Trades Test


At the end of their training, all trainees take a nationally recognised qualification. This significantly increases their employment opportunities. Currently 97% of our trainees pass their Trades Test.

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Work Experience

This compliments the Basic Building Skills Training. We offer three routes to gain the practical work experience that trainees need to find meaningful employment.

Community Building Project


Trainees gain work experience through the construction of a primary school or health clinic within their own community. Build It funds both construction and training costs. There are three or four projects a year, providing work experience to 80 trainees.

NGO Partner Project


Trainees gain work experience at another NGO’s construction project. The NGO funds the construction and Build It funds and delivers the training activities. By 2021, we will grow this route to seven projects a year, providing 140 trainees with work experience.

Affiliate contractor


Trainees gain work experience on a commercial contractor’s construction project. This is a new work experience route for 2017 onward. By 2021, we will grow this to provide work experience to 280 trainees each year.

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Career Development

We offer career support, and additional building and business skills training to graduates. It increases their earning potential and supports those who wish to start their own business.

Finding a Job workshops


Many graduates have never had any formal employment. The workshops focus on the basic skills required to find and hold down work including time keeping, honesty, communication skills, personal presentation and networking.

Additional Building Skills courses


We offer a range of additional building skills courses, such as Painting, Tiling, Rough Carpentry, Door Hanging, Glazing and Basic Plumbing. These are delivered at the Centre for Excellence and help enhance graduates’ ability to secure employment.

Business Skills courses


Delivered at the Centre for Excellence, these are one-week courses for more entrepreneurial graduates, who wish to take the first steps in setting up their own business.



Women in Construction

We recognise the disadvantages that our female graduates face. Our annual Impact Study tells us that the gender bias prevalent in the construction sector makes it difficult for qualified female builders to secure paid work. When they do, they are paid at a lower rate than their male counterparts.

Build It are now explicitly aiming for our female graduates to be as successful as male ones, in activity levels and incomes. As qualified builders, we want to ensure they enjoy equal employment opportunities and have equally successful careers.


“I am really happy and enjoyed doing my most recent job. I now have self-confidence when I am dealing with the construction sector; I know I can do the work. I do appreciate the change Build It has made to my life. I have managed to build my mum’s house. My family is very happy with it and very proud of me!”

Merab, Build It Graduate.

You can read Build It’s contribution to ‘#notjustforboys women in construction’, published by The Smith Institute on the external #notjustforboys website:

Find out more about the #notjustforboys campaign


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