Community Schools Programme

Each year we work with three or four communities on a school project.

Communities are transformed by having access to new high quality school facilities; classroom blocks, teacher’s housing and sanitation. The new buildings attract government support, providing pupils with a better education.

At each project we train 20 people in building skills who typically build the following:

Classroom Block


The heart of a community project is a new two or three classroom block with an office and a strong room. The strong room allows the school to become a registered exam centre in the future, without this, the pupils would have to walk to the nearest exam centre to take their exams.

Teachers’ Housing


Providing teachers’ housing at a project allows the Ministry of Education to allocate qualified teachers to move to the community and teach at the school. This provides pupils with a better quality education.

Sanitation facilities


Building latrine blocks with separate cubicles for girls, a boys’ urinal and hand-washing facilities improves pupil health and well-being and encourages more girls to remain in school. At projects without clean water, we drill a borehole and install a water pump.


Linda Community School, 2016

We are training 20 young unemployed men and women in basic building skills and are constructing a two laboratory science block at Linda Community School, where 1,400 pupils attend. This project is generously funded by BGL Group, who will visit the project in June.

Linda Community School was established in 1994. Despite high poverty levels the school has thrived and now offers both primary school (Grades 1-7) and the first two years of secondary school (Grades 8 & 9). The school needs a science block for practical science teaching in both Grades 8 & 9 to allow the school to be registered as a Grade 9 exam centre.

Find out more about Linda here

Chitukuko Community School, 2016

We are working with displaced people at Chitukuko to help them build a new community. We have trained 20 young men and women from the community and built a new 3 classroom block, teacher’s housing and latrine block.

The former school was located on land that has been sold to a mining company. The classrooms will be demolished and 566 households have to relocate to a government resettlement site nearby. A new school will create a focal point around which the rest of this displaced community can grow and develop.

Find out more about Chitukuko here


Katole Community School, 2017

We will work alongside members of the Katole Community to train 20 new builders and construct a new 2 classroom block, teachers’ house and latrine block, safe water and solar lighting.

Katole is an isolated community 38km from Lusaka. It is made up of 800 households who struggle to make a living from subsistence farming, Two volunteer teachers currently teach over one hundred children in a collapsed classroom without a roof and when the rainy season gets underway lessons have to be cancelled.

Find out more about Katole here


Our Project Map

We work in Zambia, which is in Sub-Saharan Africa. You can explore our current and past projects on our Google map. Just click on the image below:

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Our Past Projects

So far we have completed 37 community projects.

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