May 01,2016

Mutaba Health Clinic

Saving Lives at The Mutaba Health Clinic

We are built a new health clinic located close to a major road junction outside Kapiri. Having been completed, the clinic now receives support from the Ministry of Health including trained staff, medical supplies and equipment.

Kapiri Health Clinic (5)1600

The community had been trying to establish a clinic since 1997. They were dedicated to making the clinic a reality and had already partially completed a small facility to accommodate visits from a mobile health team. Babies were previously weighed by hanging scales from the branches of the tree.

0 Full Time Medical Staff

The clinic used to be run by volunteers who had received some medical training. Monthly outreach clinics provided care for under-5s and pregnant women, otherwise patients travelled 5km to Chawama Clinic.

20 New Trainees

14 men and 6 women have been selected from the community to join our training programme. The trainees learn on site and will earn a nationally recognised building certificate if they pass their exams.

11,000 Community Members

The area the clinic serves is large, providing health services for 11,000 people.

Mutaba health clinic trainees

Key stats & facts


Kapiri District, Central Province, Zambia

Construction Start

June 2015


No Electricity


There was no water on site

Life Expectancy at Birth



The average life expectancy is 57 years in Zambia

Nearby Clinics

The nearest clinic is Chawama Clinic, 5km away. It is too small to handle the large number of patients and has no room to expand.

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