Training into Work Programme

To date we have trained 410 new builders from disadvantaged rural and urban communities. This will give them the skills they need to earn a living and provide for their families.

Skills Training

vocational skills training

Men and women from the local community learn basic construction skills whilst building essential infrastructure for their community. They take a nationally recognised trades exam in bricklaying.

Qualification and Tool Kits

Kabaka 14.03.18 Graduation Emmanuel Mukuka (93)

Graduation ceremonies are held. The graduates get their qualification certificate and tool kit to help them secure paid employment in construction.

Follow-up Support

Shipungu 14.08.14 House Aaron - 200

Our support continues with post-training activities and workshops that will increase graduates skills and ability to secure work. Some graduates will go on to build houses and latrines on Build It projects.

Mwala 15.03 intense training spirit level tools1600

Community Building Programme

The trainees will build new schools and clinics in their community, helping people to lead longer, healthier, more productive lives.

Linda Community School

Linda community school

Linda Community School was established in 1994. Despite high poverty levels the school has thrived and now offers both primary school (Grades 1-7) and the first two years of secondary school (Grades 8 & 9). The school needs a science block for practical science teaching in both Grades 8 & 9 to alloow the school to be registered as a Grade 9 exam centre.

Chitukuko Community School

Chitukuko community school

The current school is located on land that has been sold to a mining company. The classrooms will be demolished and 566 households have to relocate to a government resettlement site nearby. A new school will create a focal point around which the rest of this displaced community can grow and develop.

Bissell Community School

Bissell 15.11.25. Pupils outside classroom (250)

Bissell school first opened in 2001 with 230 pupils learning under a tree. The school built 2 classrooms in 2004. However, there is an urgent need for new classrooms at the school, which now has over 500 pupils but not enough buildings to teach them.

Makangwe finishchildren new class grade 5 1600x600

Centre for Excellence

In 2016 Build It International will begin construction of a Centre for Excellence, a hub on the outskirts of Lusaka, for promoting a training based approach and affordable sustainable construction.

Showcase sustainable design

150903 Masterplan presnetation(2)250

A variety of buildings will showcase a range of quality low-cost sustainable designs, materials and innovations. The structures will be built by trainees from the local community as part of our Training into Work programme.

Training into Work area

150903 Masterplan presnetation250

A dedicated area to provide practical training and classroom learning. The facility will be used to deliver our programme of support to Build It Graduates. The space can be used by other training organisations.

Resource Centre

150903 Masterplan presnetation(3)250

A space for Build It graduates, other professionals and decision makers to access technical resources about sustainable construction.

Using natural resources

150903 Masterplan presnetation perma250

The Centre for Excellence will demonstrate a range of sustainable technologies. These include earth building, rainwater collection, natural ventilation, composting latrines, permaculture landscaping and solar power.

The Center for Excellence is being designed with generous technical support from Gensler and BuroHappold.

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Our Project Map

We work in Zambia, which is in Sub-Saharan Africa. You can explore our current and past projects on our Google map. Just click on the image below:

Zambia Map(1)

Explore our projects on Google maps.

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Our Past Projects

So far we have completed 34 community projects.

Please click on the project name to learn more: