Electricity means brighter futures for children at Kamaila School

Apr 14,2020

Electricity means brighter futures for children at Kamaila School

We are delighted that Kamaila School is now fully electrified, with all the buildings wired and connected.

Kamaila School is a large Government supported school with 20 teachers and over 1,000 children. Generous support from our corporate partner BGL Group meant that in 2018 / 2019 we built a three-classroom block and more latrines for this busy school.

In May 2019, fifteen colleagues from BGL came out to Kamaila School to see first-hand what the new facilities mean to the children and their families.

During their visit the BGL team put the final touches to the classrooms, as well as helping with landscaping around the new classrooms. On their final day, after a busy day digging and planting, the team found there was no water when they went back to wash. When the team discovered that this was a frequent issue for the school due to electricity problems, they committed to getting this sorted.

BGL’s continued support means we have been able to arrange for the whole school to be electrified. It means power for the pump to bring clean water to the children. It means fans and lights in the classrooms to make it more comfortable for the children and the teachers helping to enhance the learning experience.

The school has been able to extend teaching from early morning to after dark offering more classes across this busy school. Having electricity attracts more qualified teachers to come to the school, helping to improve the quality of teaching and increasing staff retention.

It is making a significant impact to the delivery of ICT lessons, an important part of the school curriculum. The school had computers that had been kindly donated by Zambia Information Communication and Technology Agency (ZICTA) but sadly could not effectively use them until there was power to the computer room.

Dina Lwanga, Deputy Headteacher with the team of electricians

Dina Lwanga shared her delight:

“When you are here at night, you no longer feel like you are in a rural place thanks to Build It and BGL. Our learners can learn at night; we can have evening classes and the computers will be used effectively. It will make ICT learning and teaching much easier, both for the learners and the teachers.

We are appreciating the work that has been done. It will go a long way in contributing to the delivery of quality education. May God richly bless you so that you will continue helping needy communities.”

We are confident that Kamaila School will continue to grow and thrive.

Thank you for #BuildingBrighterFutures in Zambia.