Author: Alison

Dec 01,2017

Trainees Take Their Exams

 84 young Build It trainees have recently taken their National Trades Skills Test. Forty of them have been working on our Community Projects building schools at Bissell and Katole. The other forty four are part of our Fast Track training programme at our new training facility, our Centre For Excellence, just outside Lusaka. This group […]

Dec 01,2017

Deborah’s Blog: Centre for Excellence – Dec 2017

We’ve got two main projects on the go: Learning Plaza 2 and the new Ablution Block plus a few smaller site works and improvements. Managing construction sites is not straight forward. There are different challenges every day, ranging all the way from deciding how to adapt the programme because the roofing sheets are delayed, to […]

Nov 01,2017

Deborah’s Blog: The Centre of Excellence is feeling alive! – November 2017

I’m writing this blog from my site office, which means it will get written piecemeal; I definitely spend more timem out and about on site than I do behind my desk. The Centre for Excellence feels so alive! Aside from all the trainees and workers involved with my construction projects,the Centre is currently hosting Cohort […]