Dec 03,2015

Pupils from Katuba thank Build It Supporters

Pupils have written letters to thank everyone who has supported their new school. 20 trainee builders selected from the local community are constructing a new classroom, latrine, teachers’ house and water pump in remote Katuba community. Over 135 pupils are currently enrolled at the school. The building currently used as a classroom is not adequate […]

Sep 25,2015

Katuba has clean water for the first time

A new water pump has been installed in the remote community of Katuba. This is the first time that the community with over 1,000 people have had access to a clean and safe water source. [divider] [divider] Installing a new water pump can bring life changing benefits, clean water reduces the risk of getting water-related […]

Aug 21,2015

Rammed earth house to be built at Katuba

Build It International are building a rammed earth house so that a qualified teacher can move into the remote community. [divider] [divider] Rammed earth is a traditional building which does not use concrete. Walls are constructed by compacting earth in-between wooden panels, compressing layer upon layer and creating a solid earth wall. [divider] Build It […]

Jul 14,2015

Work at Katuba Community School Kicks Off

20 new trainees have begun to construct a new classroom block, teachers’ house and latrine in Katuba, a remote Zambian community. 12 men and 8 women have been selected from the local community and have completed a ten day intensive basic training course. They will learn construction skills on the job as they build a […]