Jan 21,2015

Donata Teachers’ House, 2014

Donata Teachers’ House & Latrines

We returned to Donata School for the Disabled to build a teachers’ house and Latrine. This project was generously funded by the COINS Foundation.

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The story of Donata School for the Disabled

The Donata School for the Disabled was the only school for 100 miles to provide specialist education for children with disabilities. The school is currently attended by over 35 children with meals provided for all children

35 Pupils

 The school currently has 35 disabled pupils enrolled and teaches up to grade 7. The pass rate for Grade 7’s was 100% in 2013.

0 Trained Teachers

The school was taught by volunteer teachers at the school. When the teachers’ house was completed a qualified professional teacher trained in special needs education was sent by the Ministry of Education.

11 New Trainees

Unemployed men and women from Mkushi were selected to join our training programme. The trainees learned on site and those who passed their exams earned a nationally recognised building qualification.

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 Key stats & facts

Mkushi District, Central Province, Zambia

Project start

September 2014


No Electricity


Water pump installed by Build It in 2012, in good condition

Nearby Schools

There are no nearby schools for disabled children

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