Feb 01,2008

Fiwila Secondary School Phase 3

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Fiwila Secondary school, the only one in the area, is based in a remote rural community in Central Zambia.

Two previous phases at the school saw the construction of five classrooms, science laboratories and two teacher’s houses.

The school desperately needed a new dormitory. Whilst there was accommodation for the girls on site, there was no accommodation for the boys who lived too far away to commute to school daily. To attend school, the boys squatted in abandoned buildings in the village, cooking for themselves.

At the end of 2008 the children took part in a design workshop with an architect. They then collected sand and stone for the new building, which they can be really proud of. The building was constructed using locally sourced materials, with Parry roof tiles and soil blocks made on site.

The new 46 bed dormitory was completed in time for the 2010 new school year. It has made an incredible difference to the education and the safety of the children at Fiwila Secondary School.