Jan 21,2015

Mwala Community School Sanitation, 2014

In 2014 we built V.I.P Latrines and provided a clean water supply for Mwala Community School. In 2015 expanded this to construct a further three classrooms.

Mwala 14.03.17 pupils inside tent
The story of Mwala

The current school was established in 1992 as a response to pupils having to walk 7km to get to the nearest government school. The school has an existing 1×3 classroom block. 5 UNICEF tents were provided as temporary classrooms, however 4 of these were damaged during the rainy season and collapsed.


522 Pupils


The school previously had 267 boys and 255 girls enrolled at the school. All 522 children shared just three classrooms and one temporary tent.

15 Trained Teachers


The government has provided 15 trained teachers at the school. This is a large number because teachers are needed for each tent. The teachers travel from long distances to teach at Mwala.

20 New Trainees


Unemployed men and women from Mwala were selected to join our training programme. The trainees learned on site and earned a nationally recognised building certificate having passed their exams.

2000 Community Members


The whole community, 50% of whom are teenagers, benefited from the new building and clean water supply. This saved the community time and thereby allowed other sectors of the local economy to flourish.

Mwala 14.04.09 tent 1600 (13)

Key stats & facts


Kapiri District, Central Province, Zambia

Project start

August 2014


No Electricity




The previous water supply was broken and needed repairing or replacing

% of Girls at school


50% are girls, 246 total

Nearby Schools


The nearest school is 7 km away

Mwala community school

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