Maternity and Child Health Unit at Libuyu Health Centre, 2021 – 2022

Feb 27,2020

Naluyanda Community School, 2019

Previously: 311 vulnerable children were being taught in this overcrowded community school in Chibombo district; a peri-urban area north of

Feb 26,2020

Mukuyu Community School, 2019

Previously: 231 children were enrolled at the community school in Mukuyu, a rural community approximately 70km from Lusaka. The school

Mar 29,2019

Kamaila School, 2018

Previously: Kamaila School is a Government supported school with 20 teachers and over 1,000 children. Founded in 1978 this busy

Mar 29,2019

Machaya Community School, 2018

Previously: This overcrowded community school for vulnerable children and orphans was evicted from its premises at Dudzai village, 10 miles

May 29,2018

Bissell Community School, 2017

Previously there was: The school was first opened in 2001 with 230 pupils learning under a tree. The school built

Mar 28,2018

Katole Community School, 2017

Previously… Katole is a poor, isolated rural community, 38km from Lusaka. It is made up of 800 households who often

Sep 01,2017

Linda Community School, 2016

Linda Community School Linda Community School has been ranked among the best performing schools in Lusaka province for many years