Bissell Community School Kitchen, 2016

May 01,2016

Katuba Community School, 2015

Previously there was: In 2002 members of the community founded Katuba Community School. Before this local children had to travel

May 01,2016

Mutaba Health Clinic, 2015

Saving Lives at The Mutaba Health Clinic Previously there was… The community had been trying to establish a clinic since

Jan 01,2016

Hope Community School, 2015

Previously there was: Hope is located in Kanyama, Lusaka, Zambia The school was originally built through a joint initiative between

Jan 21,2015

Lupuka Community School, 2014

Previously there was: The Lupuka Community School was founded by local subsistence farming families in 1991. It consisted of two

Oct 25,2014

Kabaka Community School, 2013

  Kabaka Community School 2014 Kabaka Community School is in a rural community 25km west of Kapiri Mposhi in central