Completed Projects

Jan 21,2015

Shipungu Teachers’ House and Latrine, 2014

We have built a teachers’ house and a latrine at Shipungu, training 11 men and women from the community with basic building skills. The story of Shipungu In 2012, Build It International built a rammed earth classroom block in Shipungu, Kapiri. In 2014 we built a teachers’ house and a latrine 235 Pupils The school […]

Jan 21,2015

Lupuka Community School, 2014

A two classroom block, teachers house and V.I.P Latrines for a growing resettlement scheme The story of Lupuka The Lupuka Community School was founded by local subsistence farming families in 1991. It used to consist of two temporary classrooms constructed in 2010 from sticks and mud bricks – with heavy rains having damaged the walls […]

Jan 21,2015

Chibolya Community School Phase 2, 2014

A new hexagonal two classroom block to provide extra capacity at a growing community school. We also built a kitchen to provide meals for the pupils. The school was supported by Zambia Orphans of AIDS (ZOA). The story of Chibolya We first worked in Chibolya in 2011, completing a new two-classroom primary school building as […]

Jan 21,2015

Mwala Community School Sanitation, 2014

In 2014 we built V.I.P Latrines and provided a clean water supply for Mwala Community School. In 2015 expanded this to construct a further three classrooms. The story of Mwala The current school was established in 1992 as a response to pupils having to walk 7km to get to the nearest government school. The school […]

Oct 25,2014

Kabaka Community School, 2013

  Kabaka Community School 2014 Kabaka Community School is in a rural community 25km west of Kapiri Mposhi in central Zambia. The school previously used an unfinished health clinic and makeshift classrooms of sticks and grass. The quality of education was poor with many parents preferring their children to work in the fields instead of […]

Mar 01,2014

Kawama Secondary School Phase 2, 2013

Phase II of construction of a brand new secondary school school including; 1X3 classroom block, Teachers’ house, Latrines and Kitchen facilities. The school is owned and managed by UK charity PEAS. Kawama is a poor, high-density urban compound on the edge of Ndola, a mining town on the Zambian Copperbelt. There is no secondary school […]

Mar 01,2014

George Secondary School Phase 2, 2013

Expansion of girls’ dormitory, 1×3 classroom block, kitchen and teachers’ house. The school is owned and managed by UK charity PEAS. In 2011, Build It International worked with UK charity PEAS to complete Phase 1 of a new secondary school in Twapia, Ndola on the Copperbelt in Zambia. George school opened in January 2012 with […]

Feb 01,2014

Kawama Secondary School Phase 1, 2012

Kawama is a poor, high-density urban compound on the edge of Ndola, a mining town on the Zambian Copperbelt. Most people work in the informal sector and there were no secondary schools serving the 7,000 residents. Children account for 75% of the population and over 20% are orphaned. Education is undoubtedly essential if children are […]

Feb 01,2014

Kaoma Training Centre, 2012

The Kaoma training centre was built in Western Province, Zambia. It is a multi purpose centre, which hosts activities including leadership skills workshops, as well as providing valuable extra learning space for the local orphanage. Built with hydraform bricks and heat reflecting Parry Roof tiles, we have continued using our sustainable building techniques to great […]

Feb 01,2014

Shipungu Community School, 2012

Shipungu Community School was started by the local community over 10 years ago as there was no other school in the immediate area. The Shipungu area is named after the river which flows through the area which includes two villages, Sokoni and Juda.  There are about 800 children in the Shipungu area; almost half of the […]