Completed Projects

Feb 01,2011

Chibolya Community School, 2011

Previously there was: Chibolya Community School is located in a peri-urban compound outside Mazabuka in the Southern province. Historically, school provision in the area has been wholly inadequate. There was only one government primary school in the area and there is and no secondary school, for a population of up to 10,000. CEHO (Chibolya Education […]

Feb 01,2011

George Secondary School Phase 1 & 2

Previously there was: In 2011, we worked with UK charity PEAS to construct a new secondary school in Twapia, Ndola on the Copperbelt in Zambia. There was previously no secondary school and no other schools nearby.   With your support: George school opened in January 2012 with 263 places. It provides a high-quality secondary education […]

Feb 01,2011

Kaoma Community School Phase 1& 2

Previously there was: Kaoma is a town in Western Province, Zambia. High numbers of children in the area and the success of the school have resulted in a huge demand for places, especially as the government schools are difficult for many to access.   With your support: We have completed two classrooms for science and […]

Feb 01,2010

Makangwe Community School, 2010

Previously there was: Makangwe is a township within Chilanga, a sma ll town 25km´s south of Zambia´s capital Lusaka. Chilanga is known for its cement industry as Lafarge Cement Africa is based in Chilanga. Apart from this industrial giant, Chilanga is mainly a farming area and has become a residential area for people who want […]

Feb 01,2010

Chainda Community School, 2010

Previously: The community school serves a very poor urban compound on the edge of the capital, Lusaka, and gives priority to orphans and vulnerable children. With your support: The school is operated by the local community with support from Zambian Open Community Schools. The school was built using our unique hexagonal ‘Cool School’ design with […]

Feb 01,2010

Kawama Community School, 2010

Previously there was: Kawama is a peri-urban community on the edge of Ndola, close to the border with the Congo. In this poor community, few enjoy electricity and running water and there are not enough school places. With your support:  This project involved the construction of a much needed new school and resource centre for […]

Feb 01,2009

Mikumbila Community School, 2009

Previously there were… In 2009, Mikumbila Community School had a two classroom block and a temporary outdoor classroom Children sat on stones on the floor, balancing their notebooks on their laps. This made learning very difficult! In May 2009, after months of planning, we started building two new classrooms. The local community helped with the […]

Feb 01,2009

St. Agness Community School, 2009

Previously there was: St. Agness School is a rural school in the Mkushi District of Central Province, Zambia. Until 2008, it catered for over 250 children in three dilapidated mud brick classrooms. With your support: In December 2009 Build It International completed a new two classroom block using our original hexagonal design and our familiar […]

Feb 01,2009

Butempa Community School

Previously there was: Butempa is a rural community school in the Mkushi area of Zambia. There was no government school within two hours walk, so the community decided to set up their own. Until 2008, it catered for up to 600 students with just two classrooms. This all changed when Build It International secured the […]

Feb 01,2007

Fiwila Secondary School Phase 1,2 and 3

    Previously there was: With only one small secondary school in the area, many children were unable to continue their education to Secondary level. Previously, the Secondary School in Fiwila enabled children to study up to grades seven or nine (equivalent of UK years six to eight). The new school, completed in 2007, extended […]