Completed Projects

Feb 01,2010

Kawama Community School, 2010

Kawama is a peri-urban community on the edge of Ndola, close to the border with the Congo. In this poor community, few enjoy electricity and running water and there are not enough school places. This project involved the construction of a much needed new school and resource centre for local community group Kawama Widows and […]

Feb 01,2009

Mikumbila Community School, 2009

Previously there were… Children desperate for new classrooms In 2009, Mikumbila Community School had a two classroom block and a temporary outdoor classroom Children learning without furniture Children on stones on the floor, balancing their notebooks on their laps. This made learning very difficult! Community members keen to help In May 2009, after months of […]

Feb 01,2009

St. Agness Community School, 2009

St. Agness School is a rural school in the Mkushi District of Central Province, Zambia. Until 2008, it catered for over 250 children in three dilapidated mud brick classrooms. In December 2009 Build It International completed a new two classroom block using our original hexagonal design and our familiar Parry roof tiles and stabilised soil […]

Feb 01,2009

Butempa Community School

Butempa is a rural community school in the Mkushi area of Zambia. There was no government school within two hours walk, so the community decided to set up their own. Until 2008, it catered for up to 600 students with just two classrooms. This all changed when Build It International secured the funding to build […]

Feb 01,2008

Fiwila Secondary School Phase 3

Fiwila Secondary school, the only one in the area, is based in a remote rural community in Central Zambia. Two previous phases at the school saw the construction of five classrooms, science laboratories and two teacher’s houses. The school desperately needed a new dormitory. Whilst there was accommodation for the girls on site, there was […]

Feb 01,2008

Fiwila Secondary School Phase 2

Fiwila is a remote community in Central Zambia and had no secondary school until we completed Phase 1 June 2007 (a three classroom block). In 2008, the second phase of work took place, with two laboratory classrooms, an ablution block and a teacher’s house. The project included new water tanks and rainwater harvesting. Expanding the […]

Feb 01,2007

Fiwila Secondary School Phase 1, 2006

Fiwila is a remote community in Central Zambia. Fiwila Secondary School was Build IT’s first building project. With only one small secondary school in the area, many children were unable to continue their education to Secondary level. Working with the Shropshire Fiwila Partnership, the aim of the project was to provide a completely new secondary […]