Safe Hands


Clean hands are safe hands in the battle against COVID-19


Washing our hands regularly with soap and water is a key health message in the battle against COVID-19. But lack of adequate and appropriate facilities means that for many in Zambia, this just isn’t possible.

Safe Hands

We wanted to respond directly to the challenges caused by the pandemic. In June 2020 we launched our Safe Hands programme to build permanent hand wash facilities at 18 schools in Zambia.

Through your generous support we raised £86,500. This enabled us to support 26 schools, helping to benefit over 27,000 children in both rural and urban communities.

41 hand wash stations were built by a team of our young construction graduates from June 2020 to May 2021.

Stations were built in schools across the Chilanga and Chibombo Districts. A further cluster of stations were built at schools down in Livingstone, in the southern province of Zambia where we have other build projects underway. The hand wash stations are playing a key role in helping these schools in the battle against COVID-19, and other infectious diseases.

We provided vital supplies including 25,386 facemasks and 11,809 bars of soap. We also arranged COVID-19 awareness sessions to ensure schools had accurate information to keep their children, teachers and communities safe.

Safe Hands Phase Two

The education of children and young people across Zambia continued to be disrupted by the pandemic.

Your generosity meant we were able to expand our Safe Hands work. Towards the end of 2021 we built a further 20 hand wash stations at 10 schools in the Lusaka district.

Your support has brought real change and a lasting impact on children and teachers, their families and their communities across Zambia. Thank you.

“The new group hand wash stations will increase number of hand washing points, reducing the time all the pupils take to wash their hands and helping avoid children waiting in queues. For security purposes, permanent facilities are better than movable ones and will last much longer.

The facilities will significantly enhance the hygiene levels at the school, not only for the pupils but, staff as well. They will motivate both the learners and staff to develop a culture of washing hands even after the Covid-19 pandemic has passed. Thank you.”

Headteacher Mr Mawere, Shifwankula Secondary School

Safe Hands highlights

Provision of vital PPE supplies to 30 schools.

This included distribution of 25,386 facemasks, 11,809 bars of soap, 1,972 bottles of liquid soap, 300 bottles of sanitiser and 29 non-contact thermometers.

Engagement with the Zambia National Public Health Institute and the Ministry of Health to set up COVID-19 awareness sessions in schools.

The workshops were attended by 164 people with Headteachers, teachers, parents and community representatives in attendance.

Health promotion posters were distributed to schools to display in key strategic places.

Supporting more frequent handwashing during the school day with construction of group hand wash stations.

Our graduate team built 56 hand wash stations with space for 18 children, and 5 double hand wash stations with space for 36 children.