Working together


We know that the construction sector in Zambia needs more skilled workers. We want to work together to build a skilled workforce.


We are delighted to have workers from Build It who can carry out work professionally and with understanding of the scope of works as they are trained; it takes out the burden of supervision

Mr. Victor Simbotwe, Ecofor Limited

Help us help you

We want to work with organisations across the construction sector who support learning and skills development.

We are looking for organisations and contractors who can:

  • Offer work placements. We want our trainees to gain at least three months experience on construction projects. This is a very important part of their training and development. Build It staff are on hand to support organisations through this process.
  • Offer job opportunities. We want to get our trainees into work, and are encouraged by the increasing number of enquiries we are getting from local contractors looking for skilled workers.

We are looking for organisations who share our vision and commitment to skills training, and can provide a safe working environment for our young trainees and graduates.

In return we will train workers:

  • With quality and industry relevant skills; workers who are less likely to make mistakes improving the efficiency of your organisation and reducing material wastage
  • Who will help organisations to meet requirements set out by the National Council for Construction (NCC)
  • Who have greater awareness of Occupational Health and Safety to keep people safe on work sites
Skills you need

We have developed our courses to ensure our trainees are taught skills needed by the local construction sector:

Brick and Blocklaying course

Skills learnt include:

  • Setting out brick and block walling below and above ground level
  • Constructing blockwork walls in straight runs with door and window openings and incorporating return corners, junctions, raking cuts
  • Mixing, applying and finishing cement mortar rendering coats
  • Mixing, placing, compacting and finishing of concrete

Rough Carpentry course

Skills learnt include:

  • Erecting and striking basic formwork / shuttering
  • Basic roof construction (trussed roof construction)
  • Installation of door and window frames, doors and ironmongery
  • Installation of timber finishes including shelves, picture frames etc

Painting course

Skills learnt include:

  • Preparing surfaces to receive paint finishes (concrete, plaster, metal and wood)
  • Application of skimming coats (mixing, applying & finishing)
  • Application of various paints (primers, undercoats and finishes) by brush and/or roller
  • Measuring, cutting and fixing glazing

Plastering course

Skills learnt include:

  • Application of spatter dash or stipple coat to backgrounds
  • Fixing beads and trims to given specification
  • Proportion, gauge and mix sand /cement mortar based- materials for both plaster and render finishes
  • Application plaster/render using appropriate methods which meet given instructions

All our trainees learn and develop additional core skills in:

  • Health and safety practices including: hazard identification, incident reporting, selection and use of appropriate personal protective equipment, safe use of tools and equipment.
  • Information and quantities including: interpreting building information from basic working drawings and work schedules, calculating areas of basic shapes; squares, rectangles, triangles and circles.
  • Tools and equipment including: identification and selection of correct tools and equipment for the task, correct use of tools and equipment for setting out, preparation, cutting and installation, maintaining, cleaning and correct storage of tools and equipment.
Join us building a skilled workforce

For more information, please contact our Affiliate Relations Team on +260 976 165 629 / +260 973 105 052, or +260 211 267 715.