About us


We are Build It International!


We are in the business of building:

  • We build in Zambia – one of the poorest countries in the world
  • We build skilled workers out of forgotten unemployed young men and women so they can earn a living and provide for their families
  • We support these skilled workers to build dozens of essential schools and clinics in disadvantaged communities
  • We are building a skills training programme fit to meet the needs of a growing country; bricklayers, concrete workers, carpenters, painters, plasterers and more
  • We build brighter futures!
 Build It believes in an Africa in which everyone has the opportunity to work and thrive

Zambia is one of the poorest countries in Africa: 64% of the population lives below the poverty line and 80% have no regular income (World Bank 2017). For many life is a daily struggle for survival, characterised by the limited access to the basic services that we take for granted; education, health and basic sanitation.

There is a real opportunity to make a difference in Zambia. Build It was launched by a group of experienced, international development professionals and supporters keen to maximise the potential for creating jobs and reducing poverty. We have pioneered a simple and highly effective model which is enabling hundreds of unemployed young people to learn essential building skills, and at the same time help to build vital schools and clinics for thousands of children.

Build It understands the Zambian context. We have established effective partnerships and networks. We know how to get things done!

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Our values


March 2018: The vast majority of people in the charity sector work tirelessly for all the right reasons to make a positive difference. Everyone at Build It is dismayed at the public confidence crisis surrounding overseas aid following recent issues at Oxfam and other large well known charities. Robust policies must be in place to protect vulnerable people and communities at their time of greatest need.

While big charities have some advantages, the complexities of their infrastructure and administration can be a weakness. One of the strengths of Build It is the short chain between our supporters and those we work with and for in Zambia. Nevertheless, we are reviewing our safeguarding policies and procedures and our staff Code of Conduct to ensure that they are fit for purpose and that they are strictly adhered to. We expect everyone to act with integrity and show respect for everyone they work with.

However the furore should not undermine the importance of our work and that of the wider sector. We are fuelled by compassion for addressing inequality and giving young people new opportunities and a brighter future.

Our finances

Build It International is a UK registered charity. We receive no government funding. Instead, we achieve our goals through the support and partnership of companies, individuals and other organisations who share our vision and values.