About us


We are Build It International!


Together, we Build It! 

Build It is an international charity, registered in Zambia and the UK.

We are in the business of building:


Build It believes in an Africa in which everyone has the opportunity to work and thrive

We work in Zambia, one of the poorest countries in Africa where 64% of the population lives below the poverty line and 80% have no regular income (World Bank 2017). As a result for many people life is a daily struggle for survival, with limited access to the basic services that many of us take for granted; education, health and basic sanitation.

But there is a real opportunity to make a difference in Zambia.

Build It understands the Zambian context. We have established effective partnerships and networks. We know how to get things done!

We are a learning organisation that seeks to constantly adapt and improve. Our carefully considered approach focuses on genuinely sustainable and measured impact in the lives of young people in Zambia.

Our values


Our finances

Build It International is a UK registered charity. We achieve our goals through the support and partnership of trusts, institutional donors, companies, individuals and other organisations who share our vision and values.

These figures summarise our latest published information, taken from our full audited annual accounts: ‍2020 Accounts and Trustees’ Annual Report

Further information, including all our Accounts and Trustees’ Annual Reports, is available through our page on the Charity Commission for England and Wales.  You can also search ‘Build It International’ or our registered charity number 1115989 through their register of charities.

Build It International never uses the services of agents or third parties when negotiating contracts. Please contact info@builditinternational.org if anyone makes any representations to this effect.