What we do


Education and training are the keys to unlocking endless opportunities. Skills and knowledge are the foundations upon which we all build our careers, our families and communities, our confidence and even our identities. And yet, millions of young people around the world are denied access to even the most basic schooling or skills training.


Build It knows how

Build It has pioneered a simple and highly effective model in Zambia which is enabling hundreds of unemployed young people to learn essential building skills, whilst building vital schools and clinics for thousands of children.

Our approach was developed where it matters the most – at the grassroots! We believe that our approach enables us to have a genuinely sustainable impact on the lives of young people, their families and their communities.

Our model consists of:

  • An effective skills training programme training hundreds of young local men and women with construction skills. Practical skills that will help them to earn a living and to provide for their families; skills that will empower them with the chance of a brighter future. Many are trained whilst working on our building projects which directly benefit their own children, families and community
  • Construction of community buildings including primary and secondary schools, health clinics and a training centre, bringing essential services to some of Zambia’s most disadvantaged communities. We build latrines at all our projects to improve the health and well-being of children and encourage more girls to remain in school. At projects without clean water, we drill a borehole and install a water pump.

The Zambian Government has demonstrated its commitment to provide qualified teachers and clinical staff where we have built classrooms and health facilities. We know that there is paid work for those who complete our certified, training programme.

We continue to test and refine our approach. Every year we fund an independent impact study that looks at our work and how well our trainees are doing in the world of work. It provides strong evidence of the difference we are making in people’s lives, and helps us to see what we can do better.

Thousands of young people and their communities in Zambia are enjoying brighter futures thanks to your support





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