Increasing the impact.

Our new Advocacy Strategy aims to make a significant contribution to improving the scale and quality of skills training for young people in Zambia. It also aims to help improve the standards and conditions for workers, especially women.

Key objectives going forward include:

  1. Influencing and campaigning amongst employers, suppliers, relevant Government and training providers – to increase access and improve standards.
  2. Increasing employer commitment to quality construction skills training, providing work experience and employing women.
  3. Influencing TEVETA to recognise and actively support improved training courses, including adding work experience placements and employer engagement as part of training.
  4. Supporting other training institutions to adopt our training methods and improve quality.

Elias Chalumbila trained with us at the Centre for Excellence:

“I heard about Built It when I came to visit my parents in Ten miles area. I met a man who stays next to my parent’s house and works for Zambia National Service. He told me about Build It, and suggested I find out more.

So I visited the training centre, got the information I needed, applied for training. Fortunately I was picked!

Everything is now exciting for me. Training at Build It has opened up my eyes… Having worked for a company as a casual, I know how it hurts to have no skill because one is subjected to all sort of work, even under unfavourable conditions.

So, with this skill I will be able to find jobs that are sustainable and more stable. I plan to build a house for myself and my parents once I become financially capable. I strongly believe this is a stepping stone for me to achieve great things in life.”

Graduate Elias Chalumbila pictured with his mum
Graduate Elias pictured with his mum

To find out more about our Advocacy work and how you can get involved, please contact Christine Cartland, Head of Strategic Partnerships via