The construction sector in Zambia suffers from a serious shortage of skills at all levels.

It is estimated that the country needs around 17,000 new construction workers each year. However very few school leavers are given the opportunity to gain the necessary skills to pursue this avenue.

As a result, this lack of construction skills in the local workforce means that companies often look to ‘import’ the labour and skills they need, leading to further Zambian unemployment.

Build It provides construction skills training and work experience to young, disadvantaged men and women. The vast majority of our trainees are between 18 and 35 years old. We look to train young people who have had little education, but with a genuine interest and desire to learn new skills. With their new skills, they are able to earn a living and provide for their families.

Training into Work

We have designed and developed a range of bespoke, entry-level construction training courses. All courses include:

  • Life skills: Improved confidence, communication skills, numeracy and teamwork helps to equip our trainees for the world of work. Research shows that with such skills, they will achieve and sustain higher incomes
  • Construction skills: Theoretical and practical learning using our bespoke curriculum
  • Work placement: At least three months experience on construction projects helping to ensure that trainees are work ready. Experience is gained either with a construction company or through one of our current building projects

Build It has been awarded centre approved status by international awarding organisation NOCN for the quality of our construction skills training programme. This means that all our entry-level courses being delivered at the Centre are endorsed by NOCN. Our courses also build on close links with the Zambian awarding organisation TEVETA.

Find out more about our training:

Read about how our new Women into Work programme will ensure a significant gender shift in our training programme to support more young women in Zambia.

We are eager to work with organisations across the construction sector who support learning and skills development. See how you can get involved.

Most of our training is delivered at our construction training centre; our ‘Centre for Excellence’ just north of Lusaka. It is at the heart of our plans to train more young people.

Find out more about our new Advocacy Strategy. It aims to make a significant contribution to improving the scale and quality of skills training for young people in Zambia.

Our efforts go towards combating youth unemployment in Zambia, and supporting wider economic development in Africa. 

As well as delivering our training programme at our Centre for Excellence, we deliver an entry-level course in Building Skills through our community building projects across Zambia. Trainees learn on the job, supporting the construction of education or health facilities for their local community.

We also deliver training through partnerships. Most recently we have delivered skills training through The Rise Again project, in partnership with UP Zambia. This was a three-year initiative funded by the European Union to support juveniles in conflict with the law to help them successfully reintegrate back into society.

“I was unable to finish school when I was younger” explains graduate Harriet Mweenda.

“I heard about the Build It training through a friend. I signed up so that I could gain a skill and raise money to support my family. I was discouraged by some community members because they thought it was a course that could only be pursued by men!”

But Harriet proved them wrong, successfully completing her training. “Women must work hard in order to achieve their dreams!” she adds.

Harriet has since had various construction jobs with different contractors. With her income, Harriet is proudly helping to support her mum and her three children.