Young Professionals Board


Young Professionals making a difference


Build It International is proud to have launched its Young Professionals Board (YPB) which offers a new generation of young supporters to build upon and ensure the future of the charity.

It is an independent group which runs alongside the main Development Board to provide support, encouragement and networking with senior professional supporters of Build It.

The YPB offers an opportunity for young people at the early stages of career development or university students and graduates to make a difference bringing fresh skills and insight into a fast paced and changing world. In return, we offer:

  • the opportunity to work alongside the charity with briefings and knowledge into the issues facing a development charity
  • networking opportunities with other young professionals
  • support and guidance from the Build It Development Board
  • explore, share and develop fundraising ideas to positively impact and improve the lives of the most vulnerable in Zambia

Build It recognises that young individuals at the start of their careers can bring energy, enthusiasm and a wish to make a difference which can impact the charity through their networks and connections.

The board holds quarterly meetings in London and offer an opportunity to discuss new ideas and collectively support each other to take them forward with the support of the Build It International team.

Are you interested in global issues and able to offer ideas and skills to a group of enthusiastic and engaged group of young professionals?  If you would like to learn more, please contact

Young Professional Visits Zambia