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Safe Hands: Our response to COVID-19 pandemic


Washing our hands regularly with soap and water is a key health message in the battle against COVID-19. But lack of adequate and appropriate facilities means that for many in Zambia, this just isn’t possible.

Our Safe Hands initiative

We want to respond directly to the challenges caused by the pandemic. In June 2020 we launched our Safe Hands programme to build permanent hand wash facilities at 18 schools in Zambia.

Your generous support meant we raised £86,500. We have supported 26 schools, helping to benefit over 27,000 children in both rural and urban communities. 40 hand wash stations have been built by a team of our young construction graduates. These are playing a key role in helping these schools in the battle against COVID-19, and other infectious diseases.

We have also provided vital supplies including face masks, soaps and disinfectant, as well as delivering COVID-19 awareness sessions to ensure schools have accurate information to keep their children, teachers and communities safe.

More schools to support

The education of children and young people across Zambia continues to be disrupted by the pandemic.

With so many schools still needing support, we continue raising funds to expand our Safe Hands initiative to help a further 30 schools.

Will you join us in #BuildingBrighterFutures in Zambia?

Safe Hands steaming ahead

29 November 2021. Thanks to your generous support more schools in Zambia are benefiting from new hand wash facilities. Twelve hand wash stations have been built so far, as part of the second phase of our Safe Hands initiative in the fight against COVID-19. Twenty stations will be built in ten schools in the Lusaka […]

Safe Hands Phase Two

1 September 2021. Your incredible support to our Safe Hands programme means a further ten schools in Zambia will benefit from new hand wash stations. 40 hand wash stations were built by our team of our young construction graduates through the first phase of Safe Hands. The new facilities were installed across 26 schools, and […]

Forty hand wash stations completed!

14 May 2021. As a result of your amazing response to our Safe Hands appeal, we have reached our target of building 40 hand wash stations in schools in Zambia. These are helping to protect over 27,000 children across 26 schools from the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. The majority of the hand […]

Dispelling the myths – Safe Hands workshops

4 May 2021. Ensuring schools have accurate information on COVID-19 is essential to help keep children, teachers and communities safe. As the pandemic has spread, so too has misleading information around COVID-19. False claims continue to circulate resulting in many people struggling to know who or what to believe. We wanted to ensure that schools […]

35 hand wash stations now completed!

17 March 2021. Your incredible support to our Safe Hands initiative, means our graduate team has now built 35 hand wash stations in schools in Zambia. And there are more on the way! Hand washing saves lives. Regular hand washing is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick and prevent the […]

Further schools benefiting from your support

28 February 2021. Your generous support to our Safe Hands appeal means we have been distributing more essential supplies to schools in Zambia. In February, a further eight schools benefited from face masks, soap, hand sanitizers, granular chlorine and no-contact digital thermometers to help stop the spread of Covid-19. At Bissell Community School, 453 face […]

Helping schools to reopen safely

22 January 2021. The reopening of schools across Zambia after the Christmas holiday has been delayed by two weeks until 1 February. This is due to the rapid increase in cases of COVID-19. The Zambian Government says that this two-week period aims to allow schools to put in place measures to help protect learners and […]

Challenge completed!

18 December 2020. Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent Star Jump challenge raising £850 for our Safe Hands appeal. Set by our Young Professionals Board (YPB), the challenge ran on social media throughout November. Beth Vuckovic is a member of the Board and explained what they hoped to achieve: ‘The Coronavirus […]

Double the numbers at Naluyanda

1 December 2020. Work continues through our Safe Hands programme on the construction of permanent hand wash stations in local schools. These new facilities enable more children to wash their hands at the same time. This will help the school to manage and integrate hand washing more frequently into their daily timetable. At Naluyanda Community […]

Ten hand wash stations nearing completion

4 November 2020. Construction of hand wash stations at Bissell and Naluyanda Community Schools are nearing completion thanks to your support. This will take the total to ten new wash stations so far. Through our Safe Hands appeal, we are building permanent, hand wash stations at 18 schools with space for 18 children to wash […]

Star jump challenge!

29 October 2020. Our Young Professionals Board is throwing down the gauntlet in November encouraging people to take up their fundraising challenge: The challenge: 500 star jumps in 5 days How to take part: Donate £5 to Build It and post a photo of yourself having completed the challenge on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – tag Build It and tag five […]

Hand washing stations completed at Moomba Schools

2 October 2020. As well as supporting schools we have worked with in the past, our Safe Hands Appeal is an opportunity to expand support to other schools in the local area. Situated just over 4km from our Centre for Excellence, Moomba Primary and Moomba Boarding Secondary Schools are large, Government run schools with a […]

New hand washing stations for the children at Kamaila

25 September 2020. Schools are reopening in Zambia and thanks to your support, children can safely return to their classrooms. Through our Safe Hands appeal, the first group hand washing stations have been built at Kamaila Primary and Secondary schools. The stations allow 18 children to wash their hands with clean water all at the […]

Safe Hands workshop for local schools

17 September 2020. We recently arranged a one-day workshop for teachers and school administrators on preventing the spread of COVID19. Held at Shifwankula Primary School, 24 representatives attended the session from across the 11 schools who recently received supplies as part of our Safe Hands appeal. Facilitated by Mrs Winfridah W Mulenga (Senior Health Promotions […]

Children at Machaya teach us how to stay safe

3 September 2020. Our Community Development Team has been busy continuing the distribution of vital supplies to local schools in the Chibombo and Chilanga districts as part of our Safe Hands Appeal. The team visited Munkolo Primary School, as well as re-visiting schools that we have recently worked with including Machaya Community School, Kamaila Primary […]

New skills, new facilities

27 August 2020. Six Build It graduates are receiving additional training as part of our Safe Hands programme to build group hand washing stations in local schools. It means new skills to help them find work; it means new facilities to improve the health of children in their communities. The six graduates will be divided […]