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Safe Hands Appeal: Our response to COVID-19 pandemic


We want to respond directly to what is currently happening in Zambia.

Washing your hands regularly with soap and water is a key health message in the battle against COVID-19. But lack of adequate and appropriate facilities means that for many in Zambia, this just isn’t possible. As a result, we are launching our Safe Hands Appeal to build permanent hand washing facilities at 18 schools, with space for 18 children to wash their hands at the same time, helping to benefit up to 20,000 children.

We will focus schools in the areas where we work – currently in Chilanga and Chibombo Districts, particularly in the 10 Miles area just outside of Lusaka where our Centre for Excellence is located. This will help ensure that we reach crowded, peri-urban and urban schools that are at higher risk from the spread COVID-19. It also means we can reach some rural schools that have a lower risk of transmission, but are poorly resourced with even less access to essential services.

We will provide further training to some of our young construction graduates to support this work. New skills means new opportunities for them to earn a living and to provide for their families. Our graduates will help to build these new facilities to improve the health of the children in their communities, both now and in the future.

Please do get in touch to find out more and how you can support this appeal.


Building Brighter Futures


We have a way to make positive changes, but we know that we are only scratching the surface of what is needed in Zambia.

Having laid the foundations for growth, in 2017 we launched Building Brighter Futures (2017 – 2021) to help us take a bold leap forward. It set out our plans to double the size of our programme by 2021 and bring skills training to the heart of what we do.

A huge thank you to everyone who continues supporting our vision. We are pleased to let you know that we are halfway there and have secured over 50% of £10 million we need to deliver our ambitious programme.

The impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic means that it will take longer to meet our goals, but our overall direction of travel is clear and courage is one of our core values.

After his parents died in 2005 Gosten moved with his young family to Lusaka, where Gosten looked for work as a construction worker. He worked in Lusaka’s building industry for 10 years, but without any building training or qualification, his earning potential remained limited. Gosten was one of the Build It trainees learning new skills while working on the construction of the science labs at Linda Community School.

“Best of all, by the end of my training I had a qualification on paper that I could show clients, so that they’d trust me with their houses” Gosten explains.

“I’m now able to take care of my family without worrying,” Gosten shares. “I’m saving for my own plot to build a big house for them. I love building houses!”

Photo credit: By Jennifer Bruce for Communication for Development Ltd