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Hand up 4 Zambia

Help us raise 1,000,000 hands up for young people in Zambia

Let's work for a brighter tomorrow

1,000,000 young people in Zambia will enter the job market over the next three years.

But nearly 70% will do so without the skills and training they need to work and thrive. Access to basic education is still a struggle for many; it means their dreams and potential are never fully realised. They deserve better.

Our mission is to provide skills for life, and break the poverty cycle for these young men and women.

But we can’t do it alone.

Will you raise your hand up 4 Zambia?

Our goal is to raise 1,000,000 hands for young people across Zambia.

By raising your hand and joining our mission, you can contribute to the positive transformation of young lives in Zambia.

Sign up today! You will receive regular updates on our initiatives and how your support is making a tangible difference.

Let’s help make real change.


“My life before Build It was hard as I was not working, and neither did I go through any formal training.

I now work and make my own money. I managed to build myself a house, I have also started buying assets, and livestock. I can pay school fees for my younger siblings who are still in school. I have reduced the stress on my parents.

I no longer depend on my parents for anything besides wisdom and guidance.”

Build It graduate Paul Maanza


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