Build It is an international development charity, registered in Zambia and the UK.

We are in the business of building in Zambia. With our community of support, we work together to:

The opportunity to work and thrive

Build It works in Zambia. It is a beautiful and vibrant country. However it is also one of the poorest countries in Africa. 64% of the population live below the poverty line, and 80% have no regular income (World Bank 2017).

As a result, life for many people is a daily struggle for survival. They have limited access to the basic services that many people across the world take for granted; education, health and basic sanitation.

However there is a real opportunity to make a difference.

Build It was established in Zambia in 2007. We have established effective partnerships and networks. We have strong, experienced Boards in Zambia and in the UK.

We understand the Zambian construction sector. Our construction training centre, our ‘Centre for Excellence’ on the northern edge of Lusaka, continues to be at the heart of our ambitious plans to expand our training programme. We have developed strong links with local employers and work towards international standards. 

We are a learning organisation that seeks to constantly adapt and improve. Our carefully considered approach focuses on delivering a genuinely sustainable and measured impact on the lives of young people in Zambia. Read more about What We Do.

Our Values

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