New hand washing stations for the children at Kamaila

25 September 2020.

Schools are reopening in Zambia and thanks to your support, children can safely return to their classrooms.

Through our Safe Hands appeal, the first group hand washing stations have been built at Kamaila Primary and Secondary schools.

The stations allow 18 children to wash their hands with clean water all at the same time. These permanent facilities will help the schools to manage and integrate hand washing more frequently during the school day. Together with the recent distribution of vital supplies, means the children can get back to their studies.

Dinah Lwanga, Deputy Headteacher at Kamaila Primary School said:

“We as a school, greatly appreciate the work that you did… It is not easy in the past because we were using buckets as hand washing facilities, which was very difficult because buckets were moved from one point to another. Time management was affected because a lot of time was wasted since it was just one person at a time to wash hands. But with the new permanent hand wash, many pupils can wash at once. Even after COVID-19 pandemic, pupils will continue washing their hands to prevent other diseases. Thank you very much.”

Our construction team is now busy at Moomba Primary and Secondary schools building further stations.

The pandemic has brought unprecedented disruption to the education of so many children. We continue raising funds through our Safe Hands appeal to build permanent, group hand washing stations at 18 local schools to reach 20,000 children.

Thank you for your support.