Lupuka hosts 50th Independence Day celebrations

Golden Jubilee celebrations are taking place across Zambia to celebrate the country’s 50th year of independence.

Lupuka 50th celebration 1600
Lupuka has become a centre for festivities, with two other schools joining the activities taking place in the remote village.
Ruth, a volunteer teacher who runs the school, is very excited by the changes that are taking place in Lupuka. She is looking forward to welcoming the other schools who are visiting her community.
Lupuka 14.05 Ruth - Teacher, Kennedy - Trainee, Christabel - daughter 200
Ruth, Volunteer teacher
“We are excited to host this event. These celebrations will be different from any other Independence celebrations. This is our 50 year anniversary and we are also celebrating for us too as we will soon have a new school for our children.
We are celebrating the jubilee with hope that our children will no longer be left behind but will have the same chance as others. Finally our community has hope that things will get better for us.”

The celebrations will include traditional food, readings of poems and plays performed by the pupils, sports games, dancing and health awareness.
One of the people who will be attending the celebrations is Prescovia, a 38 year old trainee with 5 children who will be taking part in the activities. Before joining the Training into Work Programme she used to sell charcoal and fritters.
Prescovia, Lupuka Parent and Trainee
“I still sell my fritters. I bring them every day when I am coming to site. The trainees and the community buy them with cash or get credit and pay me back by giving me maize.
If I pass my TEVETA bricklaying exams, I will find a job and earn a better living and with that, I will change my children’s lives.”

Lupuka is a reflection of some of the activities bringing people together all over Zambia to celebrate 50 years of independence. Everyone at Build It International would like to wish a happy Golden Jubilee to Zambians all over the world.