Rise Again

Vulnerable young people can turn to crime when they have no prospects, no hope for the future.

The Rise Again Project aims to support juveniles in conflict with the law to successfully reintegrate back into society through skills training, counselling and wellness interventions.

Working with our partner human rights organisation Undikumbukire Project Zambia (UP), we have now completed the first year of this three-year project funded by the European Union.

Transforming lives

In 2019 your support meant we could train 29 young men at Katombora Reformatory School in Livingstone.

18 Brick and Blocklaying trainees and 11 Rough Carpentry trainees celebrated their graduation in December 2019 having successful completed our training programme.

As well as learning practical construction skills, the programme included Life Skills training. This helps to better equip trainees for the world of work covering a range of key areas including communication and teamwork, work ethic and behaviour, creating a CV and job interviews.

All 29 trainees are now on their work placements with contractors around Kazungula and Lusaka, helping them to gain valuable experience and to open up opportunities for future employment.

Looking ahead

The Rise Again Project aims to give the young individuals a second chance. It aims to support better integration upon release and reduce the likelihood of individuals re-offending. In 2020 we will increase the number of young men we train at Katombora, as well as building a new latrine block to improve health and sanitation of those at the school.

For more information on the Rise Again Project, please contact us on 01743 246317 or email