Work is nearing completion at Chibolya Community School

The distinctive hexagonal classrooms now have a roof!

Chibolya 14.11.11. 1600
The 20 trainees will now start work on sanding and cleaning the walls, window frames and door frames to ensure the building is ready for painting. Ramps will also be installed over the next few weeks.

The separate kitchen block is also making great progress. A rocket stove is being constructed in the kitchen by graduate trainee, Alfred. It is the first time that Alfred has worked for Build It as a contractor, after completing his training at Kabaka in 2013. He is working alongside current trainee Anne.

Anne200Anne is a single mother with five children. She currently earns about £35 a month making and selling charcoal in the local community. Anne is delighted to be a part of our Training into Work programme.

“It has brought hope for my children’s future knowing there is a new school being built for them… I want to continue with bricklaying to earn more money to support my family further.”

20 trainees from Chibolya will sit their TEVETA bricklaying exams next month. We wish them the best of luck! If they pass it will be their first step to finding work in construction.

The new classroom block will provide an additional 100 places at the thriving community school and the kitchen will ensure the provision of one proper meal a day.