A greener future

We all have a part to play in tackling climate change. Generous support through the BGL Legacy Programme means we have been able to increase our green support to six schools in Zambia, helping them to better connect with nature and their local environment.

Environmental workshops

Our friends at charity ReScope have delivered two-day workshops at each school, with pupils, teachers, parents and community leaders taking part.

The interactive sessions explored community permaculture. They aimed to improve understanding of nature to help the local community tap into benefits and opportunities, while at the same time enhancing biodiversity and reducing impact on the planet.

Topics included land uses, soil improvement and natural pest and disease control.

“We have been taught the benefits of using indigenous seeds… and how to grow trees with medicinal properties which are to benefit the school, provide shade and improve the school environment… The children will grow knowing how to grow indigenous trees, and the knowledge imparted in them will be used to teach others. 

Mr. Victor Mwamba, Headteacher at Katuba School

Mr Victor Mwamba - Headteacher for Katuba School

“I have learnt the importance of manure as opposed to fertilizer. This information is very helpful because I can farm without fertilizer and ensure we have food. I have started teaching my friends in the village what I have learnt.”

Bibian Kaunda, parent at Katuba School

Bibian Kaunda - parent at Katuba School

Bibian Kaunda - parent at Katuba School

Planting and landscaping

Around 1,000 seeds and seedling are being planted at each school. These include trees like Moringa, and legumes including Leucaena, Tephrosia, Sesbania, Neem and Mahogany.

Landscaping work is helping to ensure a beautiful and practical school environment, with greenery and shade for pupils and staff.

Permaculture clubs

The project is also helping each school to form and strengthen permaculture clubs.

“My name is Gift Mulungu, and I am in grade 8 at Katuba School. I am a member of the school permaculture club. During the training, I have learnt how to make nurseries and how to plant in a way that it is not difficult to water. I now know how to plant Mulungu tree in order that it grows fast.”

Gift Mulungu

We are visiting each school every term to see how the project is progressing, and look forward to sharing more updates.

Thank you for your support.