A new Health Clinic and Maternity Building in Kapiri

We are building a new health clinic and maternity building for a community of over 11,000 people in Kapiri, Zambia. The new health clinic is generously funded by the BGL Group.

Kapiri Health Clinic (4) 1600

The community we are working with have been trying to establish a clinic on this site since 1997. They are dedicated towards providing health services and have already partially built a small building to accommodate visits from a mobile health team. Despite their efforts they are still in need of a fit-for-purpose clinic and maternity building as babies are currently weighed by hanging scales from the branches of the tree.

Mutaba health clinic
We have an agreement with the Ministry of Health that the new clinic will receive government support once it is completed, including trained staff, medical supplies and equipment. This is something that the community is desperate for as currently they only have volunteers with some limited medical training.

Kapiri Health Clinic 205Katherine brings her 2 month old baby Jonathan to the antenatal outreach clinic each month to be weighed and receive a general health check-up. Jonathan was born at Kapiri hospital but many pregnant women end up giving birth on the long journey between their home and the hospital.


Currently, if anyone falls sick in the community they have to travel 5 Km to the nearest clinic, Chawama Clinic. Chawama Clinic is an old government admin building that has been converted into a clinic; it is very small, was never designed to be a clinic and has no space to expand. There is only one nurse working there and cannot cope with the needs of this large community.