Trustees and advisors


The dedication, skills and experience of our Trustees and advisors are vital in delivering our life changing projects


We are governed by our UK Board. Our Zambian Board is subsidiary to the UK board with cross representation. It has specific responsibility for compliance in Zambia, monitoring programme performance and external risks.

Thank you to all our Trustees and advisors who generously volunteer their time.

United Kingdom and Zambia: Trustees

John Nutt

Chair: UK Board

John has been Chair since 2014. John is a Chartered Engineer and was CEO of the International Division of Scott Wilson, as well as Patron of the Scott Wilson Charity working with children in Africa.

Liz Elston Mayhew

Deputy Chair: UK Board

Liz became a trustee in 2012 following a successful career in corporate lending and managing her own international relocation business.

Graham Wickenden

Treasurer: UK Board

Graham is a Chartered Accountant and MBA who has been finance director of several international companies. Most recently, he volunteered as interim Head of Finance for Farm Africa in Ethiopia.

Rueben Lifuka

UK Board and Chair: Zambia Board

Rueben is Chair of the Zambia Board of Trustees as well as a trustee of the UK Board. Rueben is President of Transparency International Zambia, and Vice President of Global Transparency for corruption in construction. Rueben is an environmental scientist.

Victor Nyasulu

Treasurer: Zambia Board

Victor is CEO of Mulenji Chartered Global Management Accountants Limited. Victor is a member of the Zambia national task force on Anti-Money Laundering and countering financing of terrorism. Victor was previously the Finance Director of Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, and past Chair of the CIMA Africa Board.

Ronnie Fleming

UK Board

Ronnie runs his own executive coaching and management consultancy business. He is also a founding director of Mission Direct, a Christian charity that works in developing countries including Africa.

Abigail Gammie

UK Board

Abigail is currently Managing Director of Berkley Research Group. As a financial services specialist, Abigail has wide expertise in treasury, risk control and governance. She has also worked for a number of years in South Africa.

Lauren Miller

UK Board

Lauren is Chief Financial Officer for Iroko, a Nigerian entertainment/ internet technology company. Lauren has wide international experience with both corporates and NGOs.

Francis Mwale

Zambian Board

Francis is a lawyer currently practising with the Director of Public Prosecutions in Lusaka.

Francis Mwape

Zambia Board

Francis is a civil engineer with 30 years experience in Zambia, most recently as Deputy Director of the National Construction Council. He is also the Zambia representative for the World Skills Council.

Dr Andrew Sentance CBE

UK Board

Andrew was Senior Economic Advisor at PwC for seven years before recently becoming an independent Business Economist. Previously Andrew was an external member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England from 2006 to 2011.

Wilson Sumaili

Zambia Board

Wilson has enjoyed a career in senior management in vocational skills training including running a Trades School in Zambia. On ‘retiring’ Wilson was the senior administrator for the Anglican Church in Zambia until 2017. He joined our board in Zambia in 2012.

Our advisors

Richard Boak

Technical & management

Rob Fielding

Sustainable architecture

Sharon Jackson


Chris James

Construction training

Nick Lyon


Ged Kennedy



Martin Mulenga

Water & sanitation