Young Professionals Board


Young Professionals making a difference


Build It International Young Professionals Board (YPB) – the next generation of young supporters to build upon and ensure the future of the charity.

The independent group runs alongside the main Development Board. This support offers encouragement and networking with senior professional supporters of Build It.

Opportunities for Young Professionals

The Young Professionals Board is a vibrant and enthusiastic group of young people at the early stages of career development who are keen to make a difference.

They bring fresh skills and insight into a fast paced and changing world. In return, we offer:

  • the opportunity to work alongside the charity with briefings and knowledge into the issues facing a development charity
  • networking opportunities with other young professionals
  • support and guidance from the Build It Development Board
  • explore, share and develop fundraising ideas to positively impact and improve the lives of the most vulnerable in Zambia
What is involved?

Build It recognises that young individuals at the start of their careers can bring energy, enthusiasm and a wish to make a difference which can impact the charity through their networks and connections.

Quarterly meetings are held in London or via video link-up to discuss new ideas and projects and to collectively support each other. The board has already progressed individual and collective  projects, including a fundraising challenge raising hands for the Safe Hands Appeal.

Are you interested in global issues and able to offer ideas and skills to a group of enthusiastic and engaged group of young professionals?  If you would like to learn more, please contact

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Meet the YPB members:

Lizzie Reynolds

Lizzie Reynolds

Lizzie is an enthusiastic and dedicated member of the Young Professionals Board. Working overseas during her languages degree developed her interest in sustainable development, particularly access to education for women and girls. It was Build It’s distinctive model, which empowers young people with the skills to improve their quality of life, that attracted her to the charity.

As well as education, Lizzie also has strong interests in environmental protection and currently works in sustainable travel.

Lizzie has recently conducted an interview in Zambia and is currently working on a data project to support Build It’s Impact Study.

Jamie Howard

Jamie Howard

Jamie’s interest in Build It came through studying geography at the University of Bristol where his dissertation focused on vocational skills  training in Zambia. Jamie visited Zambia twice where he interviewed Build It employees, trainees and contractors to collect vital data for his research.

Jamie completed a literary review for Build It and conducted on-line interviews with our colleagues in Zambia. Jamie also enjoys playing team sports, travelling and spending time with friends and family.

Read about Jamie’s visit to Zambia

Lewis Jowett 

Lewis Jowett 

Build It has always had a large presence in Lewis’s life and in 2010 he visited numerous completed school and clinic projects in Zambia, which illustrated the need for school facilities in Zambia’s poorest areas.

Lewis graduated from the University of Bath in 2019 with a degree in Politics and Economics, he currently works in the Corporate Finance team of Grant Thornton. Lewis is a keen sportsman, playing mainly hockey and tennis plus enjoys hiking and wild swimming.

Lewis has supported many Build It events and is currently working with Amelia to research corporate partnerships and fundraising for Build It.

Amelia Gosztony

Amelia Gosztony

Amelia has had an interest in Build It for a while and has enjoyed helping out at many events. She was lucky enough in 2010 to visit some of the projects in Zambia and engage with the local communities they benefitted, seeing first hand the tangible impact Build It has.

Amelia works in management consulting, having graduated in 2018 from Oxford. She enjoys travelling and playing sports in her spare time.

As part of the Young Professionals, Amelia is currently working with Lewis to research new potential corporate partnerships and fundraising opportunities.

Katie Davidson

Katie Davidson

Katie joined Build It after finishing her degree in Social Policy and Politics at the University of Bristol. Whilst studying Katie worked with professionals in the development sector which furthered her knowledge and passion.

Katie has worked for international development NGO’s based in Africa and has previously carried out professional academic research for charities working in the UK. The combination of love for research and international development led her to carry out her undergraduate dissertation in the field of information and communication technology for development and the implications for beneficiary participation.

Katie is passionate about sustainable development through education and establishing programmes with the beneficiary at the centre.

Roxy Weller

Roxy Weller

Roxy’s interest in Build it sparked when discovering its work within Zambia and drive to get women into construction. From working ‘on the tools’ to production in Willmott Dixon, she understands first-hand the importance of breaking the stigma for women within the male dominated industry, especially within trade.

Roxy is currently working to create a mentorship programme, supporting women in the UK to access the construction industry with the ultimate goal of linking tradeswomen with females on the trainee program in Zambia.

Africa holds a special place in Roxy’s heart with her family ties and fond memories visiting. She is passionate and motivated to support ‘Build It’ and is excited to be a part of the rise of women within the industry.

Caitlin Simmonds

Caitlin Simmonds

Caitlin’s interest in the projects and success of Build It has only continued to grow since completing work experience with the charity in 2018. Whilst writing a research report on expanding Build It’s projects to locations outside of Zambia, she became particularly impressed by the skills training programme and Centre for Excellence provided by the organisation.

Caitlin has also shown a keen interest in inspiring more young people to get involved within charitable work. Her article for Build It’s website emphasised the valuable skills, knowledge and enthusiasm young people can contribute towards such organisations. By being a member of the Young Professionals Board, she hopes to encourage such individuals to realise this potential and become more actively engaged with charities.

Now in her final year of studying at the University of Birmingham, Caitlin it looking forward to continuing her journey with Build It alongside expanding her career- wherever this may take her.

Beth Vuckovic

Beth Vuckovic

After gaining 2 years experience working as a Country Coordinator in the Overseas Team at an International Educational charity based in Scotland, Beth has joined the YPB at Build It. She has had a keen interest in development through education since living and volunteering in Senegal for a year in 2014/2015, which later went on to inspire her dissertation on the impact of colonialism on cross cultural understanding.

Beth is particularly inspired by the work that Build It does through effective skills training, which empowers youth and creates opportunity. Excited to learn from Build It, and striving to develop a career working with communities and learning about cultures, Beth is delighted to be involved with Build It this year, alongside a fab group of passionate Young Professionals.