Construction nearly complete at our community schools

We are now well into the rainy season in Zambia and are happy to report that our school projects at Kamaila and Machaya are nearly complete.

Roofs are on, and windows and doors have been installed and painted. The finishing touches are being made inside the classrooms, and work is being completed on drainage and brick paving around the classrooms.

Kamaila Community School

Machaya Community School

“I’m delighted with the high quality of finish that our young trainees and our construction team have achieved” says our CEO Andrew Jowett.

“We strive for excellence in our buildings because “good enough” is just not good enough. The classrooms will shortly be ready to be inspected and certified for use. The children are eager to get into their new classrooms!”

Work is also progressing well on the new latrines at the two schools. The latrines will help to improve the health and well-being of children, and encourage more girls to remain in education.