Empowering young entrepreneurs

We know the world of work can be tough for young people. Our monthly Tilimbise Nchito Zathu (“we build on our skills”) sessions provide additional career development support to our graduates.

We were delighted to welcome Mapalo Lukashi (Entrepreneurship Programmes Associate) from BongoHive to one of our recent TNZ session. BongoHive is Zambia’s first technology and innovation hub.

Mapalo delivered an inspiring presentation on entrepreneurship.

Empowering young entrepreneurs has enormous potential to help reduce poverty across Zambia by driving forward job creation, innovation and economic growth.

Mapalo spoke about opportunities for Build It graduates to use their new construction skills to become self-employed and set up their own business. Mapalo shared insights into developing a business approach and setting out realistic financial goals.

Mapalo also highlighted to the graduates the importance of thinking holistically about their health and wellbeing – a reminder that not looking after their health can limit their ability to work and earn.

Setting up your own business requires drive and determination, but can bring significant rewards. It was a great session full of practical tips, advice and encouragement. 18 graduates, plus 7 current trainees, took part.

For more information about our career development programme, please contact Mildred Mwakamui, Build It Corporate Engagement & Placement Coordinator via