Exciting redevelopments at Libuyu Health Centre

Your generous support is bringing positive change to the community living around Libuyu Health Centre, Livingstone.

Not only does it means a brighter start for babies being born in the new maternity wing, but work is now underway on the redevelopment of the existing clinic building to improve the healthcare services available to the wider community.

Sustainable development

Money is often spent on the construction of new buildings in Zambia. As a result old structures are often abandoned, even when the structure is sound.

We wanted to take a more holistic approach at Libuyu to adapt and reuse the existing clinic building. The existing building was not designed as a health clinic. Some of the current challenges stem from the building’s poor layout, and inefficient use of the rooms and spaces available. We have assessed the building to look at how we can make it more effective and efficient.

Emmanuel, Benson and Mike are experienced graduates of our Training into Work programme. They were taken on as contractors to build the new maternity wing, and have now started on the redevelopment of the main building. Work is being overseen by our Site Agent Bongani Munyenyembe.

Libuyu Health Centre - Ben Bongani Mike Emmanuel outside new maternity wing

(Left to right) Contractor Benson, Build It Site Agent Bongani, contractors Mike and Emmanuel in front of the newly completed Maternity and Child Health unit at Libuyu Health Centre

“This is an exciting, but challenging phase of the project,” says Bongani.

“It is very good experience and learning for our graduate team. Assessing and analysing the structural integrity of foundations and walls was vital. The findings showed no structural cracks, which appear when foundations settle unevenly.

However, there are number of issues with the blockwork. We will be improving the structural integrity of the walls by replacing some of the blockwork, and reinforcing some of the walls with steel bars or brick force wire. We will also introduce a concrete ring beam to run around all the walls to improve load distribution.”

Work in progress

The construction team has barricaded off the main building and work has begun in earnest.

Existing plumbing and electrics have been removed

Removal of old electrics at Libuyu Health Centre

Roof coverings and ceilings have been taken down

Timber trusses have been demounted, and the team are currently demolishing some of the internal walls

Existing walls after removal of the roof at Libuyu Health Centre

Business as usual

The clinic staff have been busy ensuring the delivery of vital healthcare services continues during the redevelopment.

Ante and postnatal care, under five clinic, family planning and cervical screening services have moved to the new maternity wing.

Outpatients, pharmacy and laboratory services have temporarily been moved to a small old building behind the main clinic building. Some outpatient services are also being delivered outside.

This is an ambitious project that will bring significant benefits to the delivery of healthcare services to the community living around this busy clinic. We look forward to sharing more details as the project progresses.