Key milestone reached in office build

The roof is going up on the office at our Centre for Excellence, marking a key milestone in this build project.

Progress has been challenging, with complications caused by COVID-19 and a heavy rainy season. But work continues at pace and the project is now due to be finished by July.

The design of the building includes a number of elements of bioclimatic design. The building has been positioned to face north east to maximise on solar energy. The slope of the roof is at 18 degrees to further harness solar power. The rotation also means there is plenty of natural light.

Construction of the office at the Centre for Excellence

Internal plastering has been completed throughout the building

Plastering to upper floor of the office at the Centre for Excellence

Door and window frames have been installed, and windows glazed

Energy efficient glazing will help ensure a comfortable internal office environment all year round. All four faces of the building will have windows that can be opened. This will allow for cross ventilation through the building. There will also be fans to drive air movement inside the building.

Aluminium frames installed to stairwell window of the office at the Centre for Excellence

Purlin installation to roof in progress

Rigging rafters to top of the office at the Centre for Excellence

The office is our first ever double-storey building. Having a smaller footprint will reduce the building’s impact on the natural environment. It also means there is space for a ‘green’ veranda with plants and creepers, helping to increase biodiversity on site.

On the ground floor of the building will be a reception area, open plan office space, meeting room, kitchen and toilets. The first floor will house an office for the Country Director, more open plan office space, small meeting room and further toilets.

We look forward to sharing photos of the completed project.