Zambezi Sawmills Community School, 2022 – 2023

Previously: Zambezi Sawmills Community School is situated on the edge of the town of Livingstone, in the southern province of Zambia. It is at the heart of a dense, peri-urban area. With a local population of over 23,000, most households are economically vulnerable and living under the poverty line. It is a thriving school, but… Continue reading Zambezi Sawmills Community School, 2022 – 2023

Light of Hope Community School, 2020 – 2021

Previously: Light of Hope School is in community of around 250 households, situated on the edge of the town of Livingstone. Recent crop failures have made rural life very difficult, and has seen more families moving into this semi-urban area. The children urgently needed a local school as they were travelling long distances to Nyanzabili… Continue reading Light of Hope Community School, 2020 – 2021

Chitukuko Community School Phase 2, 2019

Previously: Build It was first involved with Chitukuko School, Chilanga District in 2016. Your support meant we could build a desperately needed 3-classroom school, latrine block and teacher’s house for this community who had been recently displaced when their land was sold. The community were slowing rebuilding their homes and their lives on on a sparse… Continue reading Chitukuko Community School Phase 2, 2019

Naluyanda Community School, 2019

Previously: 311 vulnerable children were being taught in this overcrowded community school in Chibombo district; a peri-urban area north of the capital Lusaka. The school was struggling to cope with only one classroom and several old, makeshift forestry offices. The number of pupils was growing rapidly, with children taught in shifts in cramped and unsuitable… Continue reading Naluyanda Community School, 2019

Mukuyu Community School, 2019

Previously: 231 children were enrolled at the community school in Mukuyu, a rural community approximately 70km from Lusaka. The school was built by the local community who were determined to help their children get an education. Several years on the building was crumbling and unsafe, and unable to cope with a growing number of children.… Continue reading Mukuyu Community School, 2019

Kamaila School, 2018

Previously: Kamaila School is a Government supported school with 20 teachers and over 1,000 children. Founded in 1978 this busy school has eight classrooms, four of which were recently condemned as unsafe and were due to be demolished. The dynamic head teacher, Mrs Simpande Jolly Luzango, has established a well organised, effective school with motivated… Continue reading Kamaila School, 2018

Machaya Community School, 2018

Previously: This overcrowded community school for vulnerable children and orphans was evicted from its premises at Dudzai village, 10 miles north of Lusaka. The school had been using a rented building owned by a family living abroad, but had recently been given notice to vacate the property. Thankfully, the community managed to secure a new… Continue reading Machaya Community School, 2018

Bissell Community School, 2017

Previously there was: The school was first opened in 2001 with 230 pupils learning under a tree. The school built 2 new classrooms in 2004. However, there is an urgent need for new classrooms at Bissell which now has over 500 pupils but not enough classrooms to teach them. The school has divided the children… Continue reading Bissell Community School, 2017

Katole Community School, 2017

Previously… Katole is a poor, isolated rural community, 38km from Lusaka. It is made up of 800 households who often struggle to make ends meet from subsistence farming. The nearest school to Katole was a 6km walk away. Although, the older children were able to make the long journey on foot, the distance was too… Continue reading Katole Community School, 2017

Linda Community School, 2016

Linda Community School Linda Community School has been ranked among the best performing schools in Lusaka province for many years despite being one of the poorest compounds in Lusaka. This has been achieved despite limited facilities.  “I was asked what the school need and I said, ‘a science lab,’” explains Head Teacher Doreen Nzila. “We… Continue reading Linda Community School, 2016