Feb 01,2009

Butempa Community School

Previously there was:

Butempa is a rural community school in the Mkushi area of Zambia. There was no government school within two hours walk, so the community decided to set up their own.

Until 2008, it catered for up to 600 students with just two classrooms. This all changed when Build It International secured the funding to build two new classrooms and an office.

With your support:

A community planning workshop was held with an architect from Lusaka, the result being the first version of our hexagonal classroom. It was built with interlocking stabilised soil blocks and Parry roof tiles. The Butempa community is proud of their school and they have every reason to feel good because the end result is stunning.

At the opening ceremony Mr. Ngoma from Ministry of Education Provincial office said in his speech, ‘this beautiful school is too nice to be in a rural place like Butempa!’.

We disagree. We are glad that Butempa Community should have a great school; they worked extremely hard to achieve it.

Since we left…

Since completion, the Ministry assigned Head teacher, Mr. Moonga and agreed to post three more trained teachers to Butempa. In return the community has renovated a number of houses to provide accommodation.