Jan 21,2015

Chibolya Community School Phase 2, 2014


Chibolya is a community located in Mazabuka, Southern Province, there is only one other primary school in the area, serving a population of 10,000. We first worked in Chibolya in 2011, completing a new two-classroom primary school building as well as a nursery building. Having expanded, the school then needed a new classroom block.


What we did with your support:

The school previously had 228 Pupils enrolled. The new 1×2 classroom block provided an additional 100 places at the school and allowed the school to teach grades 5-9.20 men and women from the local community were selected to join our training into work programme.

The trainees learned on site and took their TEVETA bricklaying exam when their training was completed.We also installed a hand pump at the school, to enable the whole community to have access to clean water.

“We could still be teaching our children under a tree, they would still learn,” Andrew, Chair of the School Board says. “You don’t stop teaching a child because there are no buildings. The buildings make education real, however.”

Since we left…

Since the project was completed in 2015, the community have been making good use of the classrooms, and this will continue with the Aspire Club.After the school day is over the new buildings fill with young women from the Aspire Club, young women like Agness:

“We learn business skills like how to make a business plan, how to budget at home and how to make sanitary pads.”

Below is community leader Judith Banda at Chibolya Community School.


Images by Jennifer Bruce for Communication for Development Ltd (www.communication-for-development.com)



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