Jul 03,2012

Donata School for the Disabled, 2012

<a href="//www.builditinternational.org/portfolio-items/donata-school-disabled">The story of The Donata School for the Disabled</a>

The school opened in July 2012 to Donata’s joy. Donata School for the Disabled is the only school for 100 miles to provide specialist education for children with disabilities.

In Zambia, families tend to focus their limited resources on their able-bodied children, and with limited educational facilities disabled children have few opportunities. The school is currently attended by over 35 children with meals provided for all children, but demand is much higher.

The school was established in 2004 to provide specialist pre-school and primary education support for children with a wide range of mental and physical disabilities, and is run by the inspirational Donata Kalanga, who is disabled herself. In 2010 Donata asked Build It for help with a new building as the school is being forced to move out of its current rented premises. It is hard to say no to Donata, so we got to work, involving the children, teachers and local community in the design workshops.

Built with the help of our trainees, the school was finally completed in July 2012. It operates on a low budget, supported by contributions from the local community. Critically, we have agreed with the Ministry of Education that further support will be provided in the form of trained teachers, funding, equipment and materials.  The school now has the capacity of up to 50, with the potential to expand further.

This school is making a huge difference to educate children that otherwise would not have had the chance. We’re pleased to hear the school is undertaking sign language classes for parents, local people, businesses and staff from other schools and as a meeting centre.

Learn more about the school by visiting their website.