Feb 01,2007

Fiwila Secondary School Phase 1, 2006

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Fiwila is a remote community in Central Zambia. Fiwila Secondary School was Build IT’s first building project.

With only one small secondary school in the area, many children were unable to continue their education to Secondary level. Working with the Shropshire Fiwila Partnership, the aim of the project was to provide a completely new secondary school that would allow children to go on to further education.

Previously, the Secondary School in Fiwila enabled children to study up to grades seven or nine (equivalent of UK years six to eight). The new school, completed in 2007, extended the school to grade 12 (equivalent of UK year 13).

The traditional Zambia school design was adopted, using micro-concrete roof tiles made on-site.

There were celebrations in January 2008 when the local school opened its first ever secondary class. Subsequent phases included new science laboratory blocks and a dormitory in 2008 and 2009. This has helped hundreds of children to complete full education. For the 2010 academic year, there were 37 students in Year 12, 49 in Year 11 and 61 in Year 10.