Feb 01,2011

George Secondary School Phase 1 & 2

Previously there was:

In 2011, we worked with UK charity PEAS to construct a new secondary school in Twapia, Ndola on the Copperbelt in Zambia. There was previously no secondary school and no other schools nearby.


With your support:

George school opened in January 2012 with 263 places. It provides a high-quality secondary education in a poor area of Ndola with a population of 30,000.

In 2013, the second Phase of the project was carried out, which included: expansion of girls’ dormitory, 1×3 classroom block, kitchen and teachers’ house.

The trainees learnt on site and sat their TEVETA bricklaying exams in December 2013. All 23 passed and received certificates and tool kits. The school lies in an isolated area within the outskirts of Ndola town

Since we left…

According to our 2019 independent impact study, school enrolment has risen to 357.

The impact study also provided an opportunity to catch up with some of the trainees from George School: “The school was built by, and it belongs to, the community. In other areas, someone would have stood up and said the school belongs to them, but not here. There was cooperation and essential steps were followed to ensure that the land was okay for a public school.” (2013 BII Graduate, Male, George Community School).