Mar 01,2014

Kabaka Community School

Kabaka Community School is in a rural community about 25km west of Kapiri Mposhi in Kapiri District, Zambia. The school used to use an empty health clinic and makeshift classrooms of sticks and grass.

This project involved the construction of a three classroom block, teachers house, V.I.P Latrine and water pump for a growing resettlement scheme. This project was generously funded by the BGL Group.

430 Pupils

The school had 254 pupils from grades 1-7. Since the project was completed pupils numbers have risen to 430

4 Trained Teachers

The school used to only have one trained teacher, now it has 4 supplied by the government with 2 volunteers to support.

20 Trainees

The trainees learnt on site and sat their TEVETA bricklaying exams in December 2013. 18 passed and have received their certificates and tool kits. They have formed a co-operative.

3000 Community Members

The whole community benefits from the new building, access to solar power and a new water pump. They have saved the community time thereby allowing other sectors of the local economy to flourish.

Kabaka 13.04.27 community levelling site 1600

Key stats & facts

Here are some key stats and facts about the Kabaka community


Kapiri District, Central Province, Zambia

Project start

April 2013


Solar power was installed at the school by Build It in 2014.


A new water pump has been installed by Build It next to the school.

% of Girls at school

66% are Girls

Nearby Schools

No other schools in the area

Kabaka water pump

Working in partnership

Kabaka project was generously funded by the BGL Group and its staff. We worked with the local Parent Teachers Association and Ministry of Education.

Kabaka 13.11.11 1x3 South West corner