May 01,2016

Katuba Community School, 2015

During 2015 we helped transform the Katuba community by building a 1×2 hexagonal classroom block, a latrine block, teachers’ accommodation and a new water pump.

This enabled the school to receive support from the Ministry of Education including trained teachers, learning materials and equipment.

The story of Katuba

The current school was founded in 2002 because the children in the area were travelling over 8km a day to go to school. The current school building was built by the community and was made of mud bricks with a thatch roof.

135 Pupils

There are currently 135 pupils enrolled at the school.

Trained Teachers

Teaching was previously done by community members who volunteered at the school. When the teachers’ housing was completed qualified professional teachers were sent by the Ministry of Education.

20 New Trainees

Unemployed men and women from Katuba were selected to join our training programme. The trainees learned on site and earned a nationally recognised building certificate if they pass their exams.

1000 Community Members

The whole community benefited from the new building and clean water supply. This saves the community time and allows other sectors of the communal economy to flourish.

Key stats & facts


Kapiri District, Central Province, Zambia

Construction Start

June 2015


No electricity


There was no water on site

Nearby Schools

The nearest school is 8km away