Mar 01,2014

Kawama Secondary School Phase 1 & 2

Previously there was:

Kawama is a poor, high-density urban compound on the edge of Ndola, a mining town on the Zambian Copperbelt. Most people work in the informal sector and there were no secondary schools serving the 7,000 residents. Children account for 75% of the population and over 20% are orphaned. Education is undoubtedly essential if children are to escape the cycle of poverty.


With your support:

In 2010, Build It constructed a new primary school in Kawama. Due to the need of the community, we returned in 2012 and 2013 to complete a secondary school.

20 local men and women joined the Training into Work programme, and learned basic building skills on-the-job while building Kawama school, enabling them to find work in construction and earn a living to support their families. 17 of these trainees passed their TEVETA exam.

Phase I also included: clean water facilities, sanitation, five classrooms, staff housing, chicken rearing facilities

Phase II of construction was to build a 1X3 classroom block, Teachers’ house, Latrines and Kitchen facilities. The school is owned and managed by UK charity PEAS.

The school now has a capacity of 400 pupils enrolled from the local community.

The phase II trainees also learnt on site and sat their TEVETA bricklaying exams in December 2013. 23 passed and have received their certificates and tool kits.


Since we left…

 We caught up with some of the trainees from Kawama projects in our 2019 impact study, “When we graduated, we knew that it was not going to be very difficult to find a job. It is because our certificate is of great value. If you have a TEVETA certificate, you can go to any company for work, unlike going to a company without any papers.” Male graduate, Kawama