Sep 01,2017

Linda Community School

We trained 20 young unemployed men and women in basic building skills and constructed a laboratory science block at Linda Community School, where 1,400 pupils attend. This project was generously funded by BGL Group.

The story of Linda Community School

The community school was established in 1994. Despite the poverty the school thrived and offered both primary school (Grades 1-7) and the first two years of secondary school (Grades 8 & 9).

However, pupils were not taught practical science, which is needed to pass Grade 9. The new science block allows the school to support both teaching in Grades 8 & 9 and offer practical lessons for the first time. This helps the school to progress towards being registered as a Grade 9 exam centre.

Unemployed men and women from Linda compound were selected to join our training into work programme. The trainees learned on site while the new buildings were constructed and earned a nationally recognised building certificate having passed their trades test.