Jan 21,2015

Lupuka Community School, 2014

A two classroom block, teachers house and V.I.P Latrines for a growing resettlement scheme

Kabaka Community School

The story of Lupuka

The Lupuka Community School was founded by local subsistence farming families in 1991. It used to consist of two temporary classrooms constructed in 2010 from sticks and mud bricks – with heavy rains having damaged the walls and roof.

150 Pupils

The school currently used to have 85 girls and 65 boys enrolled and taught up to grade 4. Having completed the project, it will grew in capacity significantly and taught up to grade 7.

Trained Teachers

The school was taught by parents who volunteered at the school. Having completed the teachers’ house, qualified professional teachers were sent to the school by the Ministry of Education.

15 New Trainees

Unemployed men and women from Lupuka were selected to join our training programme. The trainees learned on site and those who passed their exams earned a nationally recognised building certificate.

3000 Community Members

The whole community benefited from the new building, solar power and the new water pump. This saved the community time and allowed other sectors of the economy to flourish.

Lupuka 14.05 pana 1600 - old and new school

Key stats & facts


Kapiri District, Central Province, Zambia

Project start

June 2013


No Electricity


Water pump on site since 2008, in good condition

% of Girls at school


56% are Girls, 85 total

Nearby Schools

3 surrounding schools,7 km to 14 km walk

Lupuka 14.11.26 1x2 classroom1600

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