Maternity and Child Health Unit at Libuyu Health Centre, 2021 – 2022

Skilled care before, during and after childbirth can save the lives of women and new-born babies. We wanted to improve services for women living around Libuyu Health Centre.

The centre is situated in a heavily populated community in Livingstone and serves an urban population of over 20,000 people. Life is difficult for many people across this community who struggle to make ends meet. Maternal mortality is higher amongst women living in poorer communities, and young adolescents face higher risks of complications than other women.


The delivery room was small, basic and positioned next to the clinic reception area. This offered very little privacy and dignity to women in labour. As a result, pregnant women sometimes waited until night time to go to the clinic. This put both themselves and their unborn child at risk of complications. Due to the demand on beds and staffing, there is little time offered for aftercare once the baby is born.

Libuyu Health Centre

Ward at Libuyu Health Centre


What we did with your support:

We have built a new Maternity and Child Health unit to provide more space and privacy for mums and their babies.

The bespoke single storey unit has a new spacious delivery room, improving safety and capacity. There are now five antenatal beds and five postnatal beds available. There is much improved sanitation facilities with toilets and showers, as well as a sluice room. The unit covers 180sqm, plus a generous waiting area under a mango tree. The wing is connected to mains electricity.

Work was completed in May 2022.

The new wing is now temporarily housing the main clinic services, whilst we move onto Phase 2 of the project renovating the existing clinic building.

Libuyu Health Centre - Door and window frames being fitted

Construction of new maternity wing at Libuyu Health Centre

Inspection of the work at Libuyu Health Centre

Health staff at Libuyu Health Centre

Libuyu Health Centre

Mucha Betty Patience with Mum Mildred at LIbuyu Health Centre

“This place is going to be full of very happy mothers. We are so grateful to Build It supporters for helping us to improve the welfare and healthcare services here.”

Dr. Manyara Chabona, Medical Officer at Libuyu Health Centre